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VeChain Thor Blockchain

VeChain is the leading enterprise blockchain, renown for it's security, scalability and clients. A list of clients utlising VeChain Thor include:

  • DNV-GL
  • BMW
  • Walmart
  • Deloitte
  • PWC
What is blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology in simple terms is globally networked storage utilizing enormous amounts of seperate nodes that make it impossible to duplicate, delete or falsify data transactions. Bitcoin and nearly all of the Fortune 500 companies use it in order to keep data secure. It is:

  • Immutable – Tokens are all unique and cannot be altered.
  • Decentralised – Not one entity has control over the token data.
  • Verifiable – Ownership of digital artwork can be verified by accessing the blockchain
  • Stable – Digital art tokens are permanent once written to the blockchain.
The Process

As the VeChain blockchain has unique protocols in place that allow end-users to pay in fiat (cash) and the client (us), to sponsor the cypro-currency needed to write data to the blockchain, it separates us from other blockchain based collectible sites. The process of creating a VRA token is:

  • User submits their work, including title, description, image, and other data.
  • We 'sponsor' the crypto-currency element in order to write the data to the blockchain
  • The digital art is now wrapped up in what's called a Non-Fungilble Token (NFT), which we call a VRA token, unique and immutable
The Result

Now the unique VRA token containing the art is on the blockchain, there are several things possible:

  • The author can provide the code for someone to verify it is their work.
  • The author can choose to sell the unique token in our marketplace at a set price or auction
  • Collectors can buy these pieces of art knowing they are unique as tangible art
  • As blockchain is completely transparent, every transaction/movement of the NFT is recorded
The Benefit

There are innumerable benefits of blockchain. These include:

  • No centralised one entity controlling the data, it is on a public blockcahin where all can view it.
  • As tokens cannot be deleted or duplicated, they are guaranteed to be unique.
  • It allows digital art to be valued through the same rarity as tangible art.
  • Collectors know that they are buying something that is unique and can't be copied.
  • Anyone can track the token data or its transactions on the blockchain.

So what can an artist do?

Claim Authorship

By tokenising your original artwork on the blockchain with your name, you create a unique token known as a VRA NFT-181 that cannot be edited or deleted allowing verification of you being the sole author.

Tokenise and Monetise

As only one unique token of your art exists, it can be traded or sold in our marketplace as a unique item as with tangible art.

Show off your work

With our customisable galleries and token options, you can display your work as you see fit, and choose what price it sells for or even if it's for sale at all.

And a collector?

Collect and access full file

As these pieces of art are now unique tokens, you have the ability to collect them as if they were tangible art, with your collection viewable in your artwork profile. That also means you have access to the original hi-res file to download or view as you see fit.

Prove Ownership

You may not be the author, who will always be intact, but you will be listed as the official owner of the piece of art, verfied on the blokchain.


As the art you've collected is either one of a kind or part of a limited edition, the value of it may increase overtime as the items become more desirable. You can then choose to sell.

The VeriArti Team

Jamie Thomson
CEO and Developer
Edwin Peters
Blockchain Developer
Sebastian Cheek
Adam Bunch
Marketing Officer
Maria Armeniakou
Digital Technician
Jimi Exodious
3-D Design Consultant

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