The Basics

  • What is blockchain technology?

    Try and imagine a website or a company holding your information on their computer. That means you have to trust that one person or company will not edit or delete your data. Blockchain is called ‘trustless’ because it removes having to trust just one entity. Data on the blockchain is scattered around computers over the entire world, so it’s simply unhackable (as you’d have to somehow access every single computer at the exact same time in order to make modifications: impossible). Therefore, that makes any data you put on the blockchain completely immutable (indestructible), and as it’s all public, completely traceable.

  • Why does VeriArti use blockchain?

    The goal of VeriArti is to harness the unique, immutable and traceable abilities of blockchain in order to turn your creative work into a token that cannot be edited or deleted by anyone. And because all transactions on the blockchain can be tracked, anyone can see every bit of movement. It’s basically bringing the rarity (and it's value) of physical work to digital work.

  • What is a token?

    A token refers to ‘wrapping up’ data i.e. your creative work put into a single and unique element. In doing so, and of course because it’s on the blockchain, it allows your work to be one-of-a-kind and indestructible.

  • Do I need cryptocurency to make tokens?

    No! And this is one of the groundbreaking features of VeriArti. We use something called ‘fee delegation’. Whereas on other sites or blockchains, you have to buy cryptocurrency, or allocate blockchain gas fees (which is like reading an IKEA manual), we take care of all that for you while you just fill out the form and get your token.

    For a more technical description: VeriArti uses Multi-Party Protocol, patented by VeChain. It allows another wallet (in this case our wallet) to provide the cryptocurrency to the tokenizing wallet while they still retain the private keys. This also applies to gas needed in transferring tokens when you buy or sell.

  • Do I need anything then?

    Well, yes. You still need to be able to interact with the blockchain and you can’t simply do that from your browser. We use the Comet extension which is built into Chrome, so you must be using Google Chrome and have Comet installed in the broswer. You can download Comet here


  • What can I do?

    You can tokenize any digital work into a VRA token (that’s what we call our blockchain tokens), making it a unique piece. You can then have anyone verify it’s your work, or sell it in our marketplace (you keep IP rights, don’t worry.

    Or, you can use our in-built STAMP to register proof-of-authorship of your work at any stage.

    Or, you could use our API to externally use our tokenizing functions to setup your own collectible app, or game.

    We also have a vast range of fun community features such as customisable profiles, memberships, live chat rooms, groups, leaderboards, ranks, badges, messaging, followers, ratings and commenting.

  • What is STAMP?
    STAMP is an app within VeriArti used only for registering copyright of your work. This isn't just limited to digital art, it can be writing, programming, patents, in fact any document. The idea is that as putting work on the blockchain is 100% guaranteed to be accurate in terms of when it was put on, then you have what we call 'proof-of-authorship'. Thus, if your work is copyright infringed, you have evidence that you were the one who owned that work at any stage of development. Blockchain evidence is used more and more in courts and is the ultimate proof of ownership. To simply show it was you who owned the work at that time, you 'unlock' the work from the encryption we put on it.
  • What is this API?

    API stands for Application Program Interface. It means you can use our code, our functions, our services, without having to be logged into our site. For example, you could use STAMP from your own computer, or you could set up a collectible app and use our token creation forms. It basically means you can run our services from anywhere you like. Do contact us to talk more about this and we can talk you through the process!


  • How do I list my work?
    Whenever you create a token from your digital art, you are given the option of whether to put it on the market or not. You can also specify your selling price, or furthermore, you can choose to hold a timed auction. Your active listings are in your profile page, and you can edit your criteria or remove them from the marketplace at anytime.
  • Can I make collections or limited editions?
    Of course. We provide the option for you to make a collectible pack and/or a certain amount of tokens with the same piece of art. That allows you to create rarer pieces and more common pieces, or encourage people to collect part of your set. If you want to take this to the next level and make a game with these items, then read about our 'dappubator' further on.
  • How do I pay or get paid?

    As this is blockchain, you cannot use real money initially. Transactions have to be recorded on the blockchain and unfortunatley there is no way round using a cryptocurrency to buy items. We use the VET token which you can buy at several exchanges and transfer to your Comet wallet.

    Once you have your VET tokens equating a certain amount of real money, dollars or euros for example, you simply send them back to the exchange where you bought your VET and cash it out into your bank!


  • What are credits?
    Credits are what you will use in order to use our services. You buy credits like you would any web product using paypal or other payment gateways. X amount of credits provides access to a service. For example, if you are a free user, 1 credit is $1. It is 3 credits to make a token. If you are a premium user, that is cut in half: $1.50 per token. This is actually 15x cheaper than the strongest competitor. You can find out your credit balance, top-up or read about what credits get you on your profile page.
  • Can I earn credits?
    We have several campaigns running now and then which reward users for completing certain tasks such as art competitions, social media presence, or just being a valuable community member, so keep track of these at our twitter account @veriartivra. If you are a premium user, you will receive 10 credits a month for free.

Copyright and your IP rights

  • While data on the blockchain is immutable and public, that doesn't stop bad actors putting unethical, copyrighted or illegal data on it. We take copyright infringement very seriously though, and address this in three ways: We have a report option and comment section for each item, so it would be long before an item was removed from our site. Also STAMPING your work would provide even more evidence it was yours, especially at stages of development, so something to think about before you tokenize. However, as we offer a third-party legally audited KYC option which offers artists the ability to have 'verified author' by their name, a user who put up anonymous work, without this, or without STAMP, would be discovered pretty quickly and would lose not only their money paid to tokenize their work but a permanent ban.
  • No! This is not an IP market. It is a collectible market where people can buy and sell people's work simply to own as recognition of your work, or because they see it being a possible investment, or for dapp/gaming reasons, or simply because they want to be the unique owner. They cannot use it in commercial work and your name will always be embedded in the NFT as author.


  • How can I connect with the community?
    Many ways. You can post an update in your profile. You can comment on activity in the main activity feed, you can follow your favourite artists, or aim to get followers. You can create or join a group, or you can join our live chat!
  • How do I get points/badges/ranks?
    All the criteria you need to meet to achieve points, badges or ranks are inside your achievements tab on your profile page.

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